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Cash for Asset (CFA) Program funded by WFP

Crop production in Amaki Boma of Maridi County has always been carried out on small scale by local farmers due to several factors such as lack of agronomical skills and appropriate farm implements.

Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

RDAA with funding from WFP South Sudan has extended agricultural and other nutritional interventions to Amaki since 2019. The project seeks to achieve the full capacity productivity of arable land through mass food production for both household consumption and the market.

Mr. Abui and his mother at their home in Amaki Boma (Nawangu Village) of Maridi County sharing their stories with RDAA’s M&E Officer Robert Muyanja who was on a mission to document success stories in Nawangu of Amaki Boma in Maridi County
Mr. Abui cultivated 9 feddans in the  first season of the year 2020 alone

Under this project, beneficiaries were trained and offered agricultural extension services and CFA program in Maridi County in 2018. We are having third and final year as well as second year beneficiaries like Justin benefiting from this project. Despite the fact that Justin is a second year beneficiary, expected to establish his second feddan this year, surprisingly instead of one feddan, his household has so far cultivated over 8 feddans in this first season of this year 2020. Though majority farmers cultivated for home consumption, Mr. Justin Abui’s household cultivated with the aim of increasing their household income.

The harvest of maize cobs being dried by Mr. Justin Abui

RDAA extended CFA project to Amaki Boma in 2019 and that is when Abui’s household realized significant increase in production with the cash support. In 2019, he harvested 40 and 50 bags of maize in first and second season respectively. He sold 37 bags at a price of 3,300 SSD per bag in the first season and 40 bags were sold in the second season at a price of 6,000SSD per bag in the local market price.

In this years’ first season, he had cultivated 9 feddans of maize and he is harvesting them and processing. The area where he cultivated maize last year 2019 in the first season is now occupied with cassava.

Justin is expected to harvest more than 300 bags of maize this year making him an outstanding and best RDAA’s CFA beneficiary.

Achieving agricultural transformation in Maridi County was the main objective of WFP and by partnering with RDAA they have consistently and persistently achieved this aim. The transformation of an agro-food system from a high prevalence of subsistence farming to high productivity, by small scale farmers in Maridi has drastically reduced poverty and increased food security to the surrounding communities. Through the lens of this project we are now able to analyze and positively affirm that know-how accompanied by corresponding farm implements can substantially help in agricultural transformation and livelihoods.

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