Cash for Asset

Area of Focus: Livelihood

Project Brief: The smallholder farmers in Maridi and Ibba Counties face various agronomic challenges, amongst them; limited capacity building on various agricultural activities as well as other livelihood activities, insufficient agro-inputs and agro-tools ,gender inequality, poor infrastructure in accessing their gardens and markets. All those, among others hinder smallholder farmers from fully maximizing their available resource, land, and tap their potential for efficient food production that will lead self-sustainability and improvement of livelihood status within the state. The challenges are a reverse of those of most Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, like SDG goal 5 on gender equality, SDG goal 6 on water and sanitation, SDG goal 12 on responsible consumption and production, SDG goal 13 on climate action and SDG goal 15 on sustainable forest management to combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and ending biodiversity loss.

Cash assistance for asset program will help smallholder farmers to be motivated in opening up of specific arable area to be put under cultivation as they will be able to have access to food and other basic needs as they carry out their activities. This will also facilitate various cross-cutting skills development, community asset development as well environmental conservation.

Target State: Western Equatoria-South Sudan
Target counties: Maridi and Ibba Counties
Target number of beneficiaries: 1,322 HH
Funding Agency: WFP-South Sudan

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