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RDAA Conducts Another Cleaning Exercise in Maridi Town

On January 29, 2021, RDAA conducted cleaning campaign in Maridi town with the slogan “A clean environment for tolerance, peace and reconciliation today and for generations to come.” This is not the first time that RDAA is doing this; the same exercise has also been done in Nzara and Yambio towns. The normal procedure has always been to begin with a general clean-up of the town in the morning while the football match climaxes the day in the evening with calls on the citizens to embrace peace. The two activities are components of the on-going RDAA project titled ‘advocacy on inclusive dialogue, reconciliation, healing and social cohesion’ funded by UNDP. The other aspects of the program is to enhance integrated gender responsiveness and trust between women and security forces for peace and mutual respect

Some of the organized forces participating in the campaign for peace through cleaning activity in Maridi town

RDAA has been using the town clean-up exercise as a tool of engaging the security sector and civilian population towards building trust and confidence between the civilian population and the security sector with the aim of enhancing the security needs of children and women in the greater Western Equatoria.

The County Officials who participated in the cleaning has directed to extend this exercise for more three days for the benefit of the community and make Maridi town more hygienic. Others who participated in the event includes the local residents both men and women, security forces, traders and local authorities of the town.

The informal dialogue sessions in progress during the campaign for peace through cleaning the environment in Maridi town

During the cleaning activities, RDAA usually initiate informal dialogue sessions with County leaders and invitees addressing the gatherings to sensitize the people on the importance of living together in a clean and peaceful environment and the importance of proper waste handling and disposal.

RDAA provides water and refreshments for the participants in the campaign for peace through cleaning activity in Maridi town.  

The result has always been that the market sections of the town become cleaner and people learn and appreciate the need to clean their town often.

Finally, RDAA would end the activity by providing drum dustbins for garbage collection labelled “clean environment, peaceful mind”, Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), wheelbarrows, rakes and spades for the continued cleaning of the town.

Some of the drum dustbins provided by RDAA for continued garbage collection in Maridi Town

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