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RDAA’s Livelihood Program in tailoring is already bearing fruits in Tombura, Ezo, Andari and Naandi of Western Equatoria State.

RDAA’s Livelihood Support Programme sponsored by the European Union (EU) was developed from the belief that RDAA could have a greater impact on reducing poverty and creating self-employment for the survivors of CRSV.

One of the successful beneficiary busy at work having after undergoing training and receiving her tools of trade

The RDAA team in conducting the livelihood program in Tombura, Ezo, Andari and Naandi integrated their training with talent and experience by adopting a demand-responsive approach to wealth creation.

A display of some the clothes designed by the successful beneficiaries ready for the market after undergoing training and receiving their tools of trade

It can now be seen that the RDAA’s design of the livelihood project was highly relevant and effective to the empowerment of the women survivors of CRSV who had it not been for this project would now be coping with lonely uncertainty in their homes. But with this project RDAA has not only brought hope and resilience to the survivors of CRSV in Western Eqatoria but has also largely contributed to rural development in the region.

Today the RDAA’s Livelihood project can be seen to be steadily and consistently achieving its aim of offsetting the adverse effects of CRSV by restructuring the programme to improve the income generating opportunities by integrating vocational training and development of small and micro-enterprises through diversification into areas of competitive advantage in their rural setup such as creating partnerships with the surrounding schools to make their school uniforms.

The main objective of RDAA’s Livelihood Program is to reduce poverty and inequality by generating self-employment among the poor and vulnerable women who are survivors of CRSV towards economic stability.

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