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Soap Making Project another Milestone in RDAA’s Livelihood Program in Tombura, Ezo, Andari and Naandi of Western Equatoria State.

It was just in August last year 2020 that RDAA enrolled in to vocational skills training, empowering mainly the survivors of CRSV with practical skills in making soap. This Program is sponsored by the European Union (EU).

This project has already began to change the lives of these survivors. After the completion of their training, these beneficiaries were supported with start-up capital and tools to enable them to kick start their own production. They were also given basic training in business management, financial literacy, and urged to work in groups.

Engaging in soap production in the villages will not only improve the finical status of the beneficiaries but will also improve the hygiene at the domestic level. It will also reduce the spread of cholera and diarrhoea in the community as well as handwashing to fight the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This is the middle stage of soap production it involves adding a few drops of fragrance and colour to the freshly combined soap then calmly stirring the concoction with a wooden stick until all the bubbles clear. All the trainee beneficiaries in this photo know how to do this perfectly

RDAA seeks to diversify and train the beneficiaries to produce high quality cleaning products at affordable prices. This would go a long way to employ the local youths who are currently just idling around. With more funding RDAA would incorporate into its training program large scale production to benefit and improve the quality of life for the youths who would be involved in the supply chain to improve their livelihood.

This is one of the beneficiary who has completed training, receiving start-up tools from RDAA staff to enable her to kick start her own soap production. She has also undergone basic training in business management, financial literacy

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