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WFP/RDAA Emergency Response to Flood Victims in Maridi

Over the last one month, torrential rains have led to further rising flood levels in various places in the counties of Maridi and Ibba in Western Equatoria state of South Sudan. The flooding compounds an already fragile humanitarian situation due to the increasing levels of destruction caused by floods across the country, and the impact of COVID-19. This worsened the already food insecure population.

Food security and poverty has been a real issue and concern for many families and it’s something that RDAA is acutely aware of as it continues to monitor and assess the farmer’s needs in Maridi and Ibba during this season of floods.  After the Initial inter-agency flood impact assessment team with County Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Coordinator, beneficiaries affected by flood were identified and registered in Mabilindi, Mboroko and Nambia Payams of Maridi County for food distribution in support with World Food Programme (WFP) South Sudan.

RDAA team in Maridi field office in partnership with WFP team, has been running an Emergency Collection Point for food distribution and has managed to redistribute many tonnes of food to the vulnerable families and communities throughout the County. Among the food distributed are cereals, cooking oil, pulses and salt.

It is very encouraging to see the role RDAA has played to ensure vital support is accessible to those who most need it.

This is an awesome example of charities collaborating to make a real difference and alleviate suffering, preventing a lot of struggling families from falling into crisis. It is overwhelmingly amazing how the coming together of WFP and RDAA has made a huge impact to those struggling for survival in these difficult times .

The food was all transported by WFP-South Sudan vehicles to all the distribution points. 

RDAA was initially asked to give logistical support at Maridi County and the surrounding Payams. To deal with the surge in demand, three emergency distribution hubs were established in Mboroko, Maridi and Nambia for easy distribution.

RDAA and WFP is now delivering food to hundreds of families across Maridi County of Western Equatoria State.

Food insecurity was an issue for many prior to the Coronavirus crisis, but the last few months have exacerbated already fragile situations for people. Being able to get the basic need of food will for many be the reason they do not fall deeper into more complex issues relating to poverty.

We are enormously proud of our RDAA emergency response Team in Maridi and WFP continued support to vulnerable people in South Sudan. The partnership has demonstrated how by bringing together the skills and resources of different organisations we can mobilise much-needed support to efficiently combat widespread food poverty at a regional level.

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