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Mr. Joseph Augusto Sumee Mawa
(Board ChairPerson)

Mr. Joseph Augusto Sumee Mawa is a professional teacher holding a certificate of education of Arapi TTI Juba South Sudan, has knowledge in Basic education systems from the university of Khartoum, he has knowledge in Planning, budgeting, general school management and monitoring and art carnival from Airbor Beijing China. He now works with the state ministry of General education science and technology in Western Equatoria State, Republic of South Sudan.


Mrs. Clementina Anite Renzi (Zimama)
(Deputy Board ChairPerson)

Mrs. Clementina Anite Renzi (Zimama) is a professional finance manager with academic awards in Business management and administration from Queensland and police service Australia, a certificate in academic English from Young Men Christian association Uganda. She has been employed as a senior auditor by the greater pioneer operating company in Australia, a director of accounts with the state ministry of commerce and investments WES, an admin and finance officer with the State referendum committee W.ES, a Senior administrative officer, office of the commissioner, an administrative officer with major fraud investigation unit with Queensland police service, Equity and diversity unit, Queensland police service vacancy processing officer with workforce and development service cooperate solution and currently working with greater pioneer operating company in Australia as a senior Auditor.

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Fr. Ngbapia John Bakiri
(Board Secretary)

Rev. Fr. John Ngbapia Bakiri is a Catholic Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Tambura-Yambio in South Sudan. He is the founder of Rural Development Action Aid (RDAA). He hails from Tambura County in Western Equatoria State. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Philosophical Studies as well as Theology. At the moment is he pursuing a Master of Management in Agribusiness degree at Strathmore University, Nairobi- Kenya. His love for service to the people led him to establish RDAA in 2008 which he has been the director for the last 10 years, working with local communities in Western Equatoria in peace building and to improve livelihoods.

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Mrs. Eunice Francis Kutiyote
(Board Member)

Mrs. Eunice Francis Kutiyote is a professional teacher, who holds a Diploma in Education of MIKESE University and has attended trainings in school supervision and inspection in Juba university, stage I-II teacher training at IDEAS teacher training institute, phase I-III teacher training by ADRA and level I-III teacher training by Catholic brothers Yambio. She has attended short courses and currently working with in the state ministry of general education WES.

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Mr. Daudau Caesar Sasa
(Board Member)

Mr. Daudau Caesar Sasa is a Human Resource manager holding a Diploma in Human resource management from MIKESE university college South Sudan, he has been trained in Child protection, mental Health and psychosocial support. He has worked in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Western Equatoria State, South Sudan and currently serves as the Education Director of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio.

Fr Raphael

Fr. Diko Raphael Richard
(Board Member)

Fr. Diko Raphael Richard Diko is a Roman Catholic Priest currently serving as a Diocesan Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio, in Western Equatoria South Sudan. He holds a Bachelors degree in Theology and Social studies, a Diploma in Theology and social studies and a Diploma in Philosophy and social studies. He has attended courses in ICT development boot camp, Business Skills training in Small and micro enterprises, Management and administration CORAT Africa Nairobi-Kenya, Justice and peace seminar in Khartoum-Sudan.

Mrs Kamilo

Mrs. Mary Kamilo Ngambu (Board Member)

Mrs. Mary Kamilo Ngambu is a professional teacher trained at Kotobi teacher training college Mundri west County, Western Equatoria state South Sudan. She is a certified peer educator, has knowledge in computer literacy and is a certified community mobilizer trained by Jesuit, Refugee Service(JRS) South Sudan and also certified in Psychosocial support by JRS. She is currently the acting head mistress of St. Augustin Nursery and primary school Nagoli, Yambio, Western Equatoria State, South Sudan



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