Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Title:  A Quick impact project for construction of a Primary Health Care Unit

Activity: Monitoring and Evaluation

Location: Tambura County, Western Equatoria State, South Sudan

No of beneficiaries: 50,000 People

Period: 6 Months

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

For any project to achieve the designed goals and objectives, periodic monitoring and evaluation  exercises need to be carried out. This is meant to make necessary adjustments in case their is need for that.

So in line with that, on this day of 13th March 2023, a team from UNMISS, Tambura county stakeholders and carried out a project monitoring and evaluation exercise. It was pleasing to hear their positive remarks about the quality of work and timely project implementation. They showed  great hope that the project will be PHCU will ready on time.


Objectives of the Activity

  1. To ensure that the project is implemented as scheduled
  2. To Ensure that quality and standards are all met
  3. To make any necessary adjustments before the project reaches advanced stages
  4. To find out if there are any challenges met during project implementation and find solutions to them.

Expected Results


  1. Timely completion of the project
  2. That quality and standards are met
  3. That the project us implemented as designed
  4. To provide solutions to all challenges faced by the implementing partner.

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