Awareness Workshop on CTRH – Nzara

Activity: Awareness Workshop on CTRH

Venue: Nzara –  Western Equatoria State

Number of Participants: 40 Participants (20 males and 20 females)

Date:   14 June 2023

Partner: UNDP & Sweden

Brief Story Write up

The atrocities caused by the warring parties and other unknown gun men during the conflict in South Sudan  from 2013 to 2016 affected both the born and unborn and so the traumatizing experiences have be carried forward for 11 years now. With some of the victims now students in secondary school, who also double as the future of South Sudan, it is very important that they learn how to say the truth, forgive and reconcile so that they can be able to heal from the trauma they have grown up in.

With that in mind today we continued the sensitization about the Commission for truth, reconciliation and healing (CTRH) to the grass root citizen through a workshop this time targeting students and their teachers . A total of 40 (20male, 20 female) participants made up of teachers and students in Nzara-Western Equatoria State attended the workshop at Nzara women center 


Objectives of the Activity

•      To introduce the project to stakeholders

•      To cultivate ownership and participation of the project

•      To explain the project in details so that stakeholders can have a clear picture

Results/Issues discussed and outcome of the Activity


  1. Participants were able to get clear information on CTRH processes
  2. The state delegates were able to interact with community members and got their concerns
  3. The workshop was very participatory and a high level of engagement realized.


Issues discussed:

  • Procure details, objectives, components and expected results
  • Sustainability and ownership by the community
  • Building on synergies in partnership


  1. Outcomes:
  2. 100 stakeholders engaged during the project launch
  3. Project explained in details and subsequence ownership by stakeholders
  4. Project visibility items such as T-shirts and banners with logs of Funders and RDAA are disposed

Recommendations and Action points

  •  Government should speed up unification of organised forces
  •  Immediate implementation of chapter 5 and translating it to local languages
  •  Formation of CTRH should be prioritised
  •  Participants appreciated UNDP for funding RDAA for such great initiatives


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