Facilitation Community Counselor – Nzara

Activity: Facilitating Community Volunteer Counselors to provide Psycho-Social Support

Location: Nzara – W.E.S

Number of Participants: 10 Participants (5males and 5 females)

Date: 2ndAugust 2022

Partner: UNDP & Sweden

Brief Story Write up

As a component of chapter 5 of the 2018, South Sudan revitalized peace agreement, reconciliation and healing are very vital otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve lasting peace. For healing to be realized, there is need to establish counselling programme setup for the various victims.

In this session with the help community volunteer counsellors previously trained by UNDP, we were able to train 10 community counsellors who will help provide psychosocial services to the community.

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To facilitate community volunteer counselors to provide psychosocial support
  2. To reduce level of trauma within the county
  3. To empower victims and survivors of conflicts.


Results/Issues discussed and outcome of the Activity



1.    10 victims/clients engaged in psycho-social support

2.    10 victims/clients most of whom IDPs from Tombura become Trauma free

Issues discussed:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling in which victims were able to be attended to one on one


  • 10 victims/clients will be given psycho-social support
  • Community volunteer counselors facilitated to provide PSS.


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