Project Launch

Activity: Project Launch

Venue: Raja Center Payam, Raja County Western Bahr-El-Gazel, South Sudan

Number of Participants: 36 Participants (Key stake holders)

Date:   21/06/2024

Partner: UNDP

Brief Story Write up

Supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Rural Developmet Action Aid Continues to provide humanitarian support to survivors of Conflict related human rights abuses in South Sudan.

On thew 21/6/2024, We  launched a project entitled: Establishing Victim Support Groups (VSGs) to conduct tailored dialogue on human rights abuses in Raja County, Western Bahr-El-Gazel State, South Sudan, which will support 120 women that are survivors of conflict related human rights abuses such namely gender based violence and conflict related sexual violence.

The Objective of the project is to helps these women recover from the traumatizing experiences they went through and to give them hope that all is not lost, it is possible for them to get justice.

Objectives of the Activity

  •  To introduce the project to stakeholders
  • To cultivate ownership and participation of the project
  • To explain the project in details so that stakeholders can have a clear picture


Results/Issues discussed and outcome of the Activity


1.  Participants were able to get clear information on conflict related human rights abuses

2.  The state delegates were able to interact with community members and got their concerns

3.  The workshop was very participatory and high level of engagement realised.

Issues discussed:

  • Procure details, objectives, components and expected results
  • Sustainability and ownership by community
  • Building on synergies in partnership.


1.    36 stakeholders engaged during the project launch

2.    Project explained in details and sub sequence ownership by stakeholders

3. Project visibility items such as T-shirts and banners with logs of Funders and RDAA are disposed

Results/Issues Discussed and Outcome of the Activity

  • Participants appreciated UNDP for funding RDAA for such great initiatives
  • State minister of peacebuilding advised RDAA and UNDP to extend such activities to grass root level
  • Chairperson for Peace Commission such projects to be extended to highly hit areas of conflict such

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