Distribution of School Materials to Schools in Maridi County

Project Title:  Supporting Education in Emergency for Returnees and Displaced children

Activity: Distribution of School Materials

Location: Maridi County – W.E.S

No of beneficiaries: 2,664 pupils (1,299 Boys and 1,365  Girls)

Period: I Year (2023 – 2024)

Partner: Manos Unidas

Brief Story Write up

One of the components of the project activities being distribution of school and scholastic materials, on 4th April 2024 we distributed school materials including, Exercise books, Sports kits, Counter books for teachers, Soap for washing hands and School uniforms to the four primary schools in Maridi county

The distribution accommodated 2,664 pupils from all the four primary schools. This activity will encourage returnees and displaced children to continue going to school since they have been supported with exercise books and pens. Provision of the sports kits will help them be able to participate co-curricular activities like playing football and volleyball.

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To allow teachers prepare their lessons well using the counter books
  2. To enable the pupils take notes during classes so that they can revise later
  3. To provide an opportunity for the pupils to participate in sports activities using the sports kits provided
  4. To encourage enrollment or returnees and displaced children

Expected Results


  1. Increased enrollment of returnees and displaced pupils
  2. Improved academic performance of pupils
  3. To simplify work for teachers in terms of preparing for lessons
  4. Improvement of the learning environment
  5. Seeing mentally sound children through participating the sports activities

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