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Who We Are

Rural Development Action Aid helps farmers grow more and sell more. We pioneer techniques that boost harvests, sustain natural resources and reduce South Sudanese’s dependence on food aid.
We work with communities, partners and local government authorities to make sure we’re finding the most effective ways to fight poverty and hunger in Western Equatoria.

Our staff are both local and international and have a deep understanding of the local setting in which programmes are being implemented.

Our staff closely monitor the results of projects, and adapt styles as needed. In acknowledgement of the fact that the communities have a huge role to play in developing their prosperity in Western Equatoria of South Sudan, we help prospective smallholder farmers build links to markets and add value to their


We exist To enable communities to achieve socio-economic growth through participatory Mobilization,
use, control of resources and civic education so that they can enhance resilience and recovery.


A peaceful society with sustainable socio-economic well-being, with mutual support and productive lives


Have Sustainable and protective environment that respects and promotes all citizens.

Our Purpose

We operate as an independent National organization that is entirely non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-political. We work with local communities, county and national governments, regional and international development partners, UN agencies in the entire Western Equatoria. Our purpose is to contribute to peace, social economic stabilization, recovery and resilience of local and urban communities so that these communities can develop and achieve social cohesion after decades of independence and self-determination struggles.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is therefore to transform the lives of the Western Equatoria communities and use the Rights Based Approach of existing community support structures, traditional circles support, and systematically building/strengthening and empowering them to identify and participate in community mobilization process to achieve food security, and sustainable development with the aim of full recovery and resilience after war.


  1. Professionalism: In outlook and approach at personal and organizational level.
  2. Innovation: Being innovative in all types of services and interventions delivered
  3. Role model: Community programming and being sensitive to cultural context.
  4. Accountability & Transparency: In all operational work while promoting downward and upward accountability.
  5. Fairness: To beneficiaries and Staff