Brief  Project Background

For a very long time, the people of Mbulaba boma in Maridi county have been suffering because of Mbulaba stream which separates Maridi central Payam from Mbulaba Boma. Over the years, Mbulaba has been a food basket for Maridi County, Western Equatoria State and South Sudan at large, but has not been able to satisfy the market because of the transportation challenge caused by the steam.

Besides that, the stream has been a death spot for school children and some times older people especially during the rainy season, in fact, during the rainy season pupils and students who have to cross the stream to go to school in Maridi central Payam used to skip school for the sake of their lives and those who would take the risk would take a very big one for that matter.

In 2020 as UNMISS usually does, it spotted out this stream and advertised for suitable candidates to apply for a quick impact project implementation which RDAA succeeded in and was granted the funds to construct a bridge at the stream.

On the 1st February 2021, the construction process started and continued for six months. With all the necessary materials available including the labour force, six months later the project became a success when it was inaugurated by the state minister for roads and bridges Hon. Anna Tuna accompanied by the UNMISS representative, the director general state ministry of roads and bridges and other stakeholders of course handed over by RDAA which was represented by the acting director Albert Zingorani

A Quick Impact Project for the Construction of Mbulaba Bridge

Implemented in Maridi County, Western Equatoria State –  South Sudan

Funding Partner

Success Story:

During the implementation of the project, a lot of success was recorded by different categories of people including, UNMISS, RDAA, the communities living on both ends of the bridge, the students, farmers, security bodies to mention but a few. There are those who benefited directly through being actively involved in the bridge construction as labourers and cooks and they did so in the following ways;

  • Being able to pay their children’s school fees
  • They were able to improve their household income
  • They acquired construction skills and knowledge
  • Being able to easily access the market, health facilities and schools(for the pupils)

Joint Monitoring and Evaluation

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Bridge Construction Ground Breaking

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