Distribution of School Materials to Learners and School – 2022

Project Title:  Extension of Provision to support Primary education

Activity: Distribution of School Materials to learners and School

Location: Ezo County – W.E.S

No of beneficiaries: 4350 pupils (2015 male and 2335 Female)

Period: 1year (2022)

Partner: Manos Unidas

Brief Activity Story

After the signing of the 2018 South Sudan revitalized peace agreement, there has been relative peace and calm in most part of the country especially Western Equatoria State.  This has created an environment for pupils to go back to school. The biggest challenged has still remained the financial ability of the parents to support their children while in school with all the necessary requirements leave alone the school fees.

This year with funding from Manos Unidas Spain through Rural Development action Aid, 4350 pupils (2015male and 2335 female) , schools and teachers from three schools in Ezo County, Western Equatoria State South Sudan, have been supported with school materials such as; exercise books, pens, pencils, chalk, scheme book, reams of paper, lesson plan books, laundry soap, and hand washing containers, School furniture and school Uniforms

The schools that benefited are: St. Augustine Primary School, Ezo Central Primary School and Masumbu Primary School.

Objectives of the Activity

1.    To improve learning environment for the pupils and teachers

2.    To stimulate the increase in enrolment of pupils

3.    To lay a strong foundation for the pupils starting at the grass root

4.       To give the young generation a chance for a brighter future

Expected Results


1.    Increased enrolment

2.    Improved academic performance of pupils

3.    Provision of employment opportunities to the teachers and other none teaching staff

4.    Improvement of learning environment

5.    Build intellectual for the future South Sudan

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