Awareness Workshop for CTRH – Nzara

Activity: Awareness Workshop on CTRH

Location: Nzara-WES

Number of Participants: 40 (20male, 20 female)

Date: August 11, 2022

Partner: UNDP & Sweden

Brief Story Write up

After Launching the project on the 11th August 2022, on this day we carried out the first awareness workshop on the commission for Truth, reconciliation and healing.

A total of 40 (20male, 20 female) participants included community leaders, church leaders, youth and women in Yambio-Western Equatoria State.

The workshop was intended to create an awareness about very stakeholders’ importance in the effort to obtain lasting peace in South Sudan.

Objectives of the Activity

1.    To sensitize the public on the R-ARCSS with a specific focus on CTRH in chapter 5 of the agreement in Nzara

2.    To solicit and lobby public and local ownership and participation in restoration of durable peace in Nzara

3.    To engage community with their State Leaders on CTRH process

4.    To get public views and understanding of the CTRH in Nzara County

5.    To sensitize citizens of Nzara and Yambio on the importance, mandate and work of the commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing (CTHR), seek their full participation and support towards the CTHR as a means to sustain peace in South Sudan.

Results/Issues discussed and outcome of the Activity


  1.   Members of public (from different works of life) were able to get clear information on CTRH processes in Nzara County
  2.   Community members were able to raise their concerns in regards to CTRH processes
  3.   The workshop was very participatory and high level of engagement realised.

Issues discussed:

  •  CTRH processes; establishment, mandate, procedures, right of victims, survivor-centred approach
  •  Current status of CTRH (what has been done so far)
  •  Case studies (high lights of similar truth commissions from other African Countries)


1.    40 members of the public engaged during the awareness workshop on CTRH in Nzara

2.    40 community members understood clearly CTRH processes in Nzara


Recommendations and Action points

  •   Callers appealed to RDAA to extend such programs to other areas as well
  •   Callers appreciated RDAA and UNDP disseminating the peace agreement especially chapter 5
  •   Government was encouraged by callers to prioritise peace over their interests/positions
  •   Participants urged RDAA to extend similar workshops to all the 5 payams of Nzara County
  •   The recommended that; such important workshops should be conducted for at least 3-4 days
  •   Implementation of chapter 5 and translating it to local languages
  •   Formation of CTRH should be prioritised
  •   Participants appreciated UNDP for funding RDAA for such great initiatives

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