Distribution of Start-Up kits to survivors of post conflict related trauma in Yambio County

Activity: Distribution of Start-up Kits

Venue: Yambio County, Western Equatoria State

Number of Participants: 10 (5male and 5 female)

Date:   23 June 2023

Partner: Government of Sweden and UNDP

Brief Story Write up

Whiled conducting our final project activity, Today has been a day filled with joy as we distributed start-up kits to the survivors of of post conflict trauma who have been undergoing counseling as facilitated by RDAA  as psycho-social support to help them improving their livelihood as they continue with the healing process. After 8months  of under going counseling facilitated by RDAA with funding from the government of Sweden through UNDP, survivors in Yambio county suffering from post conflict trauma, have been receiving counseling services with support from volunteers train by UNDP.

This activity lies under chapter five of the 2018 South Sudan revitalized peace agreement which talks mainly about transitional justice. Under this chapter is a component referred to as the formation of the commission for truth, reconciliation and healing (CTRH) where the activity of counseling falls and is implemented under a project entitled: Promoting Peaceful co-existence and community cohesion in South Sudan funded by the government of Sweden through UNDP.

Among the Start-up kits were bags of Sugar, rice and beans and cartons of salt and laundry soap which were distributed according to each persons preference.

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