Construction of Semi-Permanent Learning Shelters in Raja County

Project Title:  Increasing availability of Learning Spaces with community participation

Activity: Construction of Semi-Permanent Learning Shelters

Location: Raja County, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal State, South Sudan

No of beneficiaries: 42370 Pupils  (1450 Boys and 920 (Girls), 27 teachers (22male and 5female)

Period: 2023 – 2024

Partner: UNICEF

Brief Story Write up

As South Sudan continues to enjoy relative peace, it is important to us this opportunity to support education so that when sustainable peace is finally achieved, we will not be starting from scratch

With funding from UNICEF, RDAA is constructing six semi-permanent learning shelters in three primary schools in Raja County of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal in South Sudan namely, Raja East primary School, Raja West girls primary School and Teachers’ Union Nursery and primary school.

We look forward to encouraging increased enrollment of pupils into primary school, by improving learning conditions for both the pupils and teachers with a long term objective of reducing the high illiteracy levels in the country and increasing the number of skilled human resource that will ultimately propel South Sudan to another level

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To improve conditions of the learning environment for the pupils and teachers
  2. To stimulate the increase in enrollment of pupils
  3. To lay a strong foundation for the pupils starting at the grass root.
  4. To give the young generation a chance for a brighter future

Expected Results


  1. Increased enrolment
  2. Improved academic performance of pupils
  3. Provision of employment opportunities to the teachers and other none teaching staff
  4. Improvement of the learning environment
  5. Build intellectual for the future of South Sudan
  6. Transformation of the communities mind-set in regards to development and peaceful co-existence

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