Skills Development (CFA Modality)

Project Title:  Food Assistance for Asset (Cash for Asset modality)

Activity: Kills Development

Location:  Maridi County – W.E.S

No of beneficiaries:

Period: 3 Years (2018-2021)

Partner: WFP

Brief Activity Story

After the signing of the signing of the 2018 South Sudan revitalized peace agreement, there were signs of relative peace in most parts of South Sudan. However, due to the instability, people didn’t participate actively in agriculture and so there was a lot of hanger and other accompanying after effects such as gender based violence in most house holds. and there was need for a solution.

Through RDAA’s WFP funded Food Assistance for Asset project came a solution to many of the household problems with food insecurity being at the fore front, followed by very low household income thus leading to gender based violence, hunger, family separation and worse death.

Through the FFA project, the people of Maridi County where the first to benefit in Western Equatoria State under the Cash for Asset modality which gave households breathing space to cultivate, feed and educate their children at the same time

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To Ensure that Households are food secure
  2. To introduce better agronomic skills for better yields and quantity
  3. To allow reafforestation in order to conserve the environment
  4. To reduce gender based violence due to food security related factors

Expected Results


  1. Increased food production
  2. Improved household income
  3. Improved crop yield in terms of quality
  4. Creation of community Assets
  5. Improved livelihood

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