Bridge Construction Ground Breaking

Project Title:  A Quick Impact project for the construction of Mbualaba bridge

Activity: Ground breaking

Location: Maridi County – W.E.S

No of beneficiaries: 80,000

Period: 6months (2021)

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

After the project launch, work started immediately with ground breaking and casting of hard core stones to help raise the ground level, of course this was after carrying out a recruitment of labourers who would will provide human resource for the entire project.

On completion of the casting of the hardcore, next was casting of the base with concrete and then placing of the iron bars and raising of the pillar beams for the two decks of the bridge.

After successfully making the skeleton of the pillars with iron bars, then the casting of the deck and finally the ridges and the bridge is complete

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To Create space for the new bridge
  2. To bring out the actual look of the bridge as designed on paper
  3. To ensure that the correct ratio of materials mixture is applied
  4. To ensure that all measurements are correct.

Expected Results


  1. A correct and accurate bridge lay out
  2. A correct materials ratio mix
  3. To Create a separation between water and dry land

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