Joint Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Title:  A Quick Impact project for the construction of Mbualaba bridge

Activity: Joint Monitoring and Evaluation

Location: Maridi County – W.E.S

No of beneficiaries: 80,000

Period: 6months (2021)

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

Every project’s success is determined by the results of the monitoring and evaluation exercises conducted. So the same applies for this UNMISS funded quick impact project of Mbulaba bridge construction.

On this day of 17th April 2021, we have conducted a joint monitoring and evaluation exercise led by RDAA (Implementer), in the company of UNMISS personnel (funder) and Maridi County Stakeholders led by the deputy county executive director.

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To Ensure that the project is being implemented as planed
  2. To make adjustments if need be before the project reaches its advanced stages
  3. To ascertain if the project will be able to achieve its objective
  4. To get views of the expected project beneficiaries

Expected Results


  1. A correct and accurate bridge lay out
  2. A correct materials ratio mix
  3. To Create a separation between water and dry land

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