Project Handover of Nabanga PHCU

Project Title:  A Quick impact project for construction of a Primary Health Care Unit

Activity: Handover of Nabanga PHCU

Location: Tambura County, Western Equatoria State, South Sudan

No of beneficiaries: 50,000 People

Period: 6 Months

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

On Completion of the project, on this day of 12th July 2023, Nabanga Primary Health Care Unit has finally been handed over to UNMISS by RDAA who will then hand it over to the respective national ministry through the commissioner of Tambura County, witnessed by other stakeholders and the community of Nabanga area.

The success of this project is a very big milestone for the people of Tambura County and Nabanga to be precise because, it means health services have come nearer to then, there is going to be reduced mortality rate due to treatable diseases, there will be reduced malnutrition especially among children below 5, and many more advantages.

To RDAA, the success of this project is plus to our profile in implementing quick impact projects which exposes us to more donors and opportunities.

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To ensure that the project is implemented as scheduled
  2. To Ensure that quality and standards are all met
  3. To handover a completed PHCU to the people of Nabanga, Tambura, Western Equatoria State and South Sudan as a whole.
  4. To encourage the locals living near the PHCU to make good use of it now that it has come to them

Expected Results


  1. Improvement of health services in Tambura County
  2. Improved nutrition of children below 5 years
  3. Reduced mortality rate due to treatable diseases
  4. Reduced infant and mother mortality rate due to inaccessibility of maternity services

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