Construction of the Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU)

Project Title:  A Quick impact project for construction of a Primary Health Care Unit

Activity: Foundation Laying and construction

Location: Tambura County, Western Equatoria State, South Sudan

No of beneficiaries: 50,000 People

Period: 6 Months

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

Immediately after the project launch, RDAA’s engineer started the construction or the actual project implementation. With all the necessary materials and labour  force (which was gender balanced) available  the implementation has been smooth and timely

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To bring health services nearer to the community
  2. To Improve health service delivery for the people of Nabanga
  3. To reduce the mortality rate due to treatable diseases
  4. To provide safe delivery services to expectant mothers

Expected Results


  1. Improved health care service delivery
  2. Reduced case of death due to treatable diseases
  3. Improved nutrition due to the presence of a nutrition unit
  4. Create a first AID center for illnesses not manageable by a PHCU
  5. Improve sanitation in the community due to the presence of community health workers

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