Radio Talk show – Anisa FM

Activity: Radio Talk show/awareness on CTRH Process

Location: Anisa FM 92.0 MHZ-WES

Number of Participants: Masses

Date: August 29, 2022

Partner: UNDP & Sweden

Brief Activity Story

Since the workshops cannot be used as a media for mass communication to pass on important information to masses over large distance, in the bide to have the message of healing and reconciliation reach to more people, we opted  to use the radio  talk shows and on this day the project officer shared about healing and reconciliation in relation to the 2018 South Sudan revitalized peace agreement to the people of Yambio.


Objectives of the Activity

1.    To create awareness to the general public on the commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing (CTRH)

2.    To educate the masses on the importance, processes and procedures of CTRH.

3. To empower the community to clearly understand their roles in CTRH processes.

Objectives of the Activity


1.    The audience/public was able to get clear information/updates on CTRH processes

2.    Community members were able to raise their concerns/questions in regards to the CTRH processes

3.    The radio talk show was very participatory and interactive as listeners were able to call studio line and asked questions that were answered by the guests

 Issues discussed:

1.    Establishment of CTRH

2.    Setup/personnel of CTRH

3.    Duties and functions of the CTRH

4.    Procedures and right of victims


1.    A multitude of the community understands CTRH processes as enshrined in the R-ARCSS.

2. The community in Yambio and WES at large are made aware of their roles/participation in CTRH processes



Recommendations and Action points


1.  Callers appealed to RDAA to extend such programs to other areas as well

2.  Callers appreciated RDAA and UNDP disseminating the peace agreement especially chapter 5.

3. Government was encouraged by callers to prioritise peace over their interests/positions


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