Monitoring and Evaluation of Yubu Bridge Yambio Construction

Project Title:  A Quick Impact project for the Construction of Yubu Bridge

Activity: Bridge actual design layout

Location: Yambio County, Western Equatoria State

No of beneficiaries: Over 400,000 People

Period: 6 months(2022 – 2023)

Partner: UNMISS

Brief Story Write up

As soon as the materials and human resource where all assembled, project implementation commenced. The original Yubu bridge has only one cell, the new Yubu bridge has three cells, meaning it is longer and larger.

As shown in the pictures above and below, during the construction of the bridge, there was a lot of destruction and re-construction and diversion of water to allow room for construction work to flow smoothly.

The first phase of the construction process was majorly metal work and casting of the base.

Objectives of the Activity

  1. To divert water and allow room for more construction work
  2. To ascertain of the material available is sufficient to complete the project
  3. To layout the actual bridge’s skeleton work
  4. To gauge the actual bridge’s size
  5. To ensure that the foundation laying is accurate

Expected Results


  1. Improved inflow of agricultural produce from Gangura
  2. Improved access to schools by the school children studying in Yambio
  3. Improved access to better health care services
  4. Improved security
  5. Increased possibilities for people in Yambio Accessing their farms in Gangura

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